Melting glaciers – social action and creating songs about global warming

There are thousands of songs about global warming, but many of them lack the emotional connection that an ice cube melting in your mouth can bring. Our singer-songwriter “Kaela” uses a song writing tool called SingBots to go beyond conversations and bring people closer to the subject.

This is a short description of how the song “Imbalance (The Iceberg Song)” was made by a group of students of an Icelandic high school.

The melting of ice-caps and the rise in sea levels are two different things, and we have to understand this.

Songs about global warming are not only created by humans but also by animals who express their opinions about it. As a point of reference, we can also look at the songs that were written long ago. Melting glaciers do not mean that they change their position very quickly. We can use this as an example to show how it is possible to create catchy songs about global warming without getting carried away with emotions or getting too dramatic with words.

While it is true that actions are a good thing to do, we are not able to make unlimited amount of them because of the limited funding that we have. But this does not mean that we can’t speak about it anymore. We must give people power over their own destiny and in order to do so we need songs.

This talk will explore Melting glaciers; the creation of songs about global warming and create awareness for melting icecaps.

This article illustrates how an “Icebergs song” can be used as a social action for the purpose of raising awareness about the issue of climate change.

There is an urgent need to mitigate global warming with extreme climate change. We need to help people all over the world by raising awareness and promoting the cause. Besides, what is the best way to contribute? Through songs!

We can help people by generating awareness and promoting them through music. When you see that your company creates songs about environmental issues, it gives you a way of making impact on your target audience.

A song about the melting icebergs is a non-violent way of voicing concern about the global warming. The song can be created by songwriters and artists who have a clear idea on what to sing about. In this post, we will present an example of such an ice breaker.

One of the most dangerous trends that is happening in our world today is the melting of glaciers. The destruction of the ice sheets are making our planet more and more inhospitable by increasing water temperatures, reducing sea levels, warming oceans and destroying ecosystems. Antarctica where one third of all the ice is under water has seen a dramatic increase in its temperature with just 2% increase in global temperature for the last century. With this rapid warming there have been several estimates released about how much further it will add to global warming and human existence.