Global warming is a serious problem and glaciers are melting – listen to songs about it

With global temperatures on the rise, there is hardly an issue on the planet more pressing than the growing challenge of global warming. Glaciers around the world are in danger of melting and the very future of our planet is being threatened by humanity’s gross disregard for environmental safety protocols. It’s an issue that can feel overwhelming, and it’s a problem that we must actively strive to address.

Music has always been a powerful vessel of expression and this feeling can be helpful when it comes to understanding complex issues like climate change. So if you’re looking for ways to become more informed and interested in global warming, look no further than these songs that tackle the subject in unique, moving ways.

First up is “Politicized” by Kansas-based rap artist Tech N9ne. The artist puts forth an honest take on the effects of climate change through his energized delivery over a snappy amalgam of horns, electric guitar licks and hard-hitting drums. The track focuses on the way that governments have failed to prioritize the environment despite knowing about its precarious state.

The United Kingdom-based band Glass Caves also offers up a touching song in “Melting Glaciers”. Acoustic guitar and piano provide the backdrop to a narrator who sings of witnessing firsthand vast landscapes once filled with dynamic glacial formations reduced to water due to global warming. The music video adds an extra layer—with scenes of woodland creatures living their lives in seclusion away from negative influences perpetuated by people around them.

As the threat of global warming continues to loom heavily over our planet, songs about the impacts it has on glaciers have never been more timely. The fact is, glaciers all around the world are melting as a result of climate change. This has led to sea levels rising and a detrimental impact on our environment and biodiversity.

The power of music is unparalleled when it comes to conveying emotion and helping us understand complex topics – including climate change. That’s why today, we’re highlighting a few songs that do just that, in an effort to raise awareness about this all-important issue.

Our first stop is New Zealand’s international star Lorde who, back in 2013, released her single ‘Glacier’. The track talks about the effects of glacier melt with lyrics like: “Now they’re melting down, like a glacier in reverse / Taking us down, takes us out of our course / Until we learn to stay away, don’t you know it won’t go away?” Together with her powerful voice, Lorde manages to tap into the raw emotion behind this tragedy while simultaneously bringing attention to the severity of global warming.

Next up is British indie-pop band The Arctic Monkeys, who have developed quite the reputation for their socially conscious messages over the last few years. Their 2020 single ‘Four Out of Fives’ speaks directly about climate change and its effect on glaciers around the world. It warns us about ‘the Greenland ice sheet reaching a critical state/ Sinking ships that had been adrift for centuries/ Moving quickly by some mysterious force/Melting faster than winters ever went before.

Lastly, British singer Agnes Obel wrote her song ‘Glaciate’ in 2017 as she felt inspired by animations of the glaciers she saw on Google Maps. Her gentle yet captivating voice fills us with sadness and hope at the same time; sadness for all the destruction which is being caused by global warming but also hope in making a change through spread awareness on the matter.

All three mentioned songs share an urgency and sincerity that echo what’s happening at this very moment. A future where glaciers will still exist in many parts of the world become smaller depends entirely on how seriously we take global warming today and start making changes immediately. Listen to these songs – they may just change your perspective and make you realise what we stand to lose if we don’t act now.